Small Garlic Peeler

Small garlic peeling machine use food grade silica gel to peeling garlic. More clean, low breakage. Whole machine fully stainless steel, more durable than other supplier`s machine.

Whole machine use high quality stainless Steel

Food Grade silica gel Double sides with square Increase the strength insurance peeling more clean

Machine use double-deke stainless steel Food grade silicone is Antibody

No damage during work


Small Garlic Peeler description


Capacity : 10kg/hr

voltage : 220V
Power: 600w
Material : Stainless steel

Features of small garlic peeling machine:

  1. The use of poly ion composite and the principle of rotation of the mechanical dry steak.
  1. garlic guillotine unique design, artificial replace the difficult problem of breaking garlic root, root guillotine off garlic, garlic peeling can be more thorough.
  1. energized 10 seconds fast garlic peeling, peeling rate of about 90%. The higher the rate the drier peeling garlic, garlic skin most separable. (Dried garlic or dry garlic sprout general 15 seconds to resolve. High moisture fresh garlic or garlic ineffective, dried or air-dried first before peeling.)
  1. Simple, durable, small, fast. Failure is low. Low maintenance,
  1. The machine is small, the weight of about 20 kg. Barrel diameter bottom diameter 24 * 20 * high 45cm. Machine with 1.2 mm steel plate,
  2. Every garlic inputs: a pound of garlic into the range can peel garlic.
  3. garlic peeling 10kg,20 kg, 25kg (OUR found, varies) per hour, 220V voltage.


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