Stainless Steel Dough Kneader Machine


  • – Application: Stainless Steel Dough Kneader Machine is suitable for restaurant, hotel, bread housing, and food manufacturers as  kneading the dough and mix of food processing machinery.It can be used to mix cream ,atta mix, egg fluid , fillings and other dough operations
  • – With neat and beautiful appearance , low noise . High efficiency , easy to clean. The  operation of the machine is safe and stable.
  • – It has multi speed drive, users can choose speed to meet different mixing requirement and  obtain satisfactory results.
  • – All its parts touching food are made of stainless steel and up to the state hygienic  standard.Speed regulator is used to control agitator shaft speed



Stainless Steel Dough Kneader Machine

  • Contact Parts : Stainless Steel
  • Body: MS, CI Painted Heavy Structure.
  • Warranty:One year of motor
  • Product would be shipped within 2-7 working days of order.
  • Return Policy: This product is non refundable,Item can be replaced within 10 days of item being delivered in case of 1) Wrong product delivered 2) Damage product is delivered.
  •  For claiming GST,email us your order details along with GST certificate before shipping of order.



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